General Info


Track EVents (GIrls then Boys)

4×100 Meter Relay
1600 Meter (Mile) Run
100/110 Meter (High) Hurdles
400 Meter Dash
100 Meter Dash
800 Meter (Half-Mile) Run
300 Meter (Low/Intermediate Hurdles
200 Meter Dash
3200 Meter (2 Mile) Run
4×400 Meter Relay


The timing and order varies Meet to Meet depending on Schedule and Facilities.

Event Conflicts – If an athlete is in a Track even and a Field event, they will need to “check out” from their field event to race and the check back in. There is a time limit on the check out so I recommend you check out right before the running event. The same is true for an athlete in two field events. In the High Jump and Pole Vault the bar never moves down, thus an athlete who checks out may miss a height; however you are allow to jump at what ever the bar has moved to when you return.



Athletes are responsible for keeping up with personal and team equipment.

All Individuals – Please keep track of your uniforms, sweats, and shoes I recommend labeling everything you have purchased with your name.

Throwers – Are responsible for keeping up with team discuses and shot puts. All throws equipment should be loaded the day before the meet into a milk crate or carrying case and placed where athletes can grab them before the meet.

Jumpers – Are responsible for bringing to the meet any athletic tape or tape measures they requires and ensuring those items return back to BHS.

Pole Vaulters – Are responsible for keeping up with team poles at a meet. Poles should be packed in the pole bag the day before the meet and placed where athletes can grab them before the meet.

Relay Runners – Should ensure that a baton has been packed for them the day before a meet, and that someone grabs the baton box before the team departs. Relays teams are also responsible for ensuring that all Berkeley Batons return to BHS.