Athlete Standards & Expectations

Team Values

  • Unity – We are one team, and together share responsibility for a successful season.
  • Hard work – We are committed to doing shared hard work to achieve success; we are gritty, focused, and determined; we embrace challenge and struggle.
  • Open mindedness – We are willing to learn, curious, and seek to expand our knowledge.
  • Positivity – We are enthusiastic in supporting one another and in achieving our team and individual goals; we are fun, caring, and compassionate.
  • Dedication – We are consistent, committed, and disciplined in our march toward success.

Athlete expectations

  • Athletes are expected to support each other in practice & competition. They are expected to stay till the completion of meets, cheer on and celebrate their teammates, and work for the overall success of the team at practice, meets, at school, and in the community.
  • Athletes are expected to work hard and give full effort in all tasks and exercises. They are expected to help maintain a respectful, safe, and focused competition and practice environment. They are expected to persevere in spite of any temporary setbacks
  • Athletes are expected to be attentive to instructions. They are expected to listen closely to information given, read emails, and to ask questions at appropriate times.
  • Athletes are expected to support, encourage, and respect teammates, coaches, and mangers. Athletes are expected to work together to maintain a positive team environment, and avoid gossip, backbiting, and trash-talking of teammates, coaches, or other teams.
  • Athletes are expected to be physically & mentally present, dressed, and ready to participate at the start of practice. Athletes are expected to attend and arrive on time to all applicable practices and competitions and to notify coaches of any unanticipated absences.


All Students are expected to maintain excellent grades while participating in Cross Country or Track & Field. The coaches may ask any student for a formal or informal grade checks. Students receiving less than a “B” on any informal or official school report may be asked to submit a grade improvement plan to the coaches.


Athletes are expected to be at ALL relevant practices unless excused with the understanding of Coaches and Parents. Parents should have the security of knowing that students are at practice when they are supposed to be. The team practices 6 days per week while in season; and attendance is key for a successful season. The coaches understand that it is sometimes necessary to miss practice for academic, family, or health reasons. However, routine absences or habitual tardiness are not acceptable. We expect athletes to be at ALL practice sessions and we practice in all weather conditions. If an athlete must miss a practice their parents should clear it with Coaches before practice.


Athletes are expected to respect themselves, their teammates, competitors, and coaches at all times. Respecting the team its members and culture is of utmost importance. We expect athletes to conduct themselves with dignity both at and away from practice. Profane, explicit, insensitive, and otherwise obscene speech is not permitted. Defiance of coaches & officials, unsportsmanlike conduct, deceit, and use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco are all prohibited. Parents will be notified of problematic behavior when appropriate.

Team Goals

  • Succeed in Competition– Beat other WACC school in dual meets and at championships
  • Succeed Academically – Win the NCS Scholar Athlete team award
  • Be Supportive – Cheer and encourage each other in practices, and especially at meets
  • Be United – Work together as a cohesive and integrated team and support one another