News Notes: September 13, 2015


If you missed our first Cross Country Parents Meeting please take care to look at the parents information page. We have three volunteers who have agreed to participate in BAF on the team’s behalf. We are still looking for an additional volunteer (we received one already) to help coordinate rides and snacks, and a finance volunteer.

We have our 1st Conference meet this Thursday. Athletes will miss 5th, 6th, and 7th periods please let your teachers know.

Athletes, please come prepared to Monday’s workout with a watch! Interval loop times have been posted on the XC Athletes Private Page.


This week we raced at the Ed Sias invitational against 40 other schools from across northern California.  We had two hat winners in Sebastian Andersson and Itai Bojdak-Yates, who scored 14th and 11th respectively in their races. The biggest PR of the day went to Emily Beckman with a whopping 4;58 improvement from last year. Other big PR were set by Sam Battles (1:44), Adam Sedlak (1:29), Karin Uzawa (1:15), Simone Thompson-John (1:13), Chaia Wyatt and Julia Schwartz (1:01), Momin Mirza (58), and Ben Suva (54).  Our freshmen showed incredible heart and tenacity resulting in some great races. We are very excited to see what these 9th graders can do in our coming Conference meet.

The team had a very hard interval workout on Monday but was able to rebound and dominate Thursday’s hill repeat workout. The mental stamina and physical conditioning gained from hard work in the early season will pay dividends later on.


We will have our 1st Conference Meet this Thursday. Athletes should meet the bus at Bancroft and Milvia immediately after the end of 4th period. You should have all of your racing equipment with you so that you don’t need to access a locker. Use lunch time to change into your racing bottoms as there will not be changing areas at the meet site (Garin Park).

When I was a BHS athlete we always wore our racing jerseys on competition days to represent and raise awareness of the team, it would be nice to revive that tradition.

Saturday Practice at Cesar Chavez Park at 8:30am. We will be doing a Tempo Workout. Tempo paces will be posted to the private page after the Coaches analyze data from Thursday’s meet.

Athletes, for School Day runs we are now using the locker rooms on the 2nd floor of the J-Building please change quickly and efficiently so you continue to have access to this privilege. Please make sure that you encourage your teammates to attend practice and to show up on time!


Encourage any new athletes interested in sprinting, throwing, jumping or hurdling for the Track and Field team this Fall. To visit our informational page on joining the team.

Dates have been set for our 2016 Lake Tahoe Summer camp, so mark your calendars. We will be in South Lake Tahoe from Sunday July 31st through Sunday August 7th.

The first day of Track & Field will be Monday, February 8th. All athletes will need to have completed packets by that date. The majority of Cross Country runners will have an easy time of this as they have already complete their paperwork.


Priority Items for the Coaches this week include: readying the team for our first conference meet and developing a form to update our website roster bios.

Following WACC 1 we will be adjusting the training groups and workout paces. Tempo times and new interval times will be posted here.

The Coaches are also working on a number of long term team apparel and equipment projects for the Spring Track & Field season.