Before Practice

Check the Workout: Athletes are expected to review the workout via the TrainHeroic app before practice.

Pack your Workout Bag: All athletes should come prepared with the following

  1. A water bottle (water fountains are off limits)
  2. Training Shoes all athletes should have a pair of standard tennis or running shoes
  3. Any specialized shoes you need (spikes, throw shoes, etc)  you still also need running shoes
  4. A cell phone in a waterproof baggy
  5. A dry shirt or hoodie in case the weather is wet and you need to change post practice
  6. A gym bag to store and keep dry these items.

Use the bathroom – We have limited bathroom access on campus and limited practice time so please go before you come to practice

Check-In on the Frontline App – All athletes will receive a link to the digital COVID check-in app we will use as a team, which must be completed daily before coming to practice.

Put on Your Mask: Athletes must come to practice with a COVID suitable mask. You won’t always have it on during the hardest parts of workouts but you do need it on your person  at all times.

Beginning Practice

Arrive: At BHS 10 minutes before your practice is scheduled to begin

Enter: at Milvia and Durant, line up, and make sure to stay 6 or more feet away from teammates. The Coaches will then check you in.

Sanitize Your hands as you enter the facility

Line Up on the sidelines of either side of the Football. You will use the hash marks that are 3ft apart. Line up so that there are six feet (one vacant) hash between people on your right and left.  Athletes on the home (East) side of the field should be aligned to the on the end-zone intersections, 10 yard lines, 20 yard lines, 30 yard lines, 40 yard lines, and 50 yard lines. Athletes on the visitor (West) side of the field should be aligned to the on the end-zone intersection, 5 yard lines, 15 yard lines, 25 yard lines, 35 yard lines, and 45 yard lines.

Warm Up or Begin the Workout as indicated on TrainHeroic for that day.

DUring and Leaving PRACTICE

 Ensure you always maintain 6ft of physical distancing from your teammates.

Masks are to worn at all times, unless a Coach says you can remove yours (this will only be in super intense high exertion workouts), or you are briefly drinking from your water bottle away from your teammates. Masks must cover both nose and mouth.



Cross Country and Track & Field Athletes will be using the TrainHeroic App to review and log their workouts. Athletes should download the app to their smartphone and create a profile. Athletes will receive a specific access code (or codes0 based upon their event group(s). Many workouts this season will be on-your-own and athletes will need to review the app to know the proper workout.